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1-1 English is the place where you can develop all aspects of your English.

With qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about your improvement, you will have the confidence that you are supported throughout your journey in your second language. Book lessons for online or face-to-face courses, use learning resources, and become part of an online community. Contact us today to see how we can assist you to achieve your goals.

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We offer the following services:


We can help you to improve all aspects of your English by working with you on the four skills of Speaking and Listening, Writing and Reading. Taking your needs and interests to produce lessons or courses, you will have our support to move forward with your second language.


Learn the words, phrases, expressions and idioms you need to speak authoritatively and with confidence by including the vocabulary of your chosen subjects on a course with 1-1 English.


We teach you the structure and concepts of grammar points, and with comparisons to similar ideas in your language, we help you practise so that you can speak more accurately and more naturally in English.


Working on the skills you need as an individual or as a business person in your company's particular field, you will gain the confidence you need to serve your business and customers in a highly effective way.


From learning to produce the individual sounds of English more accurately, to making the best use of your voice, a course in better pronunciation will not only make you more understandable, but will also enable you to speak with authority and confidence.


Living in the UK can present many problems if you and your family members struggle with your English. Learn how to improve your English to help you children with their homework, deal with immigration issues and get through your day to day activities more successfully with a course in English as an Additional Language.


We teach you the required language, skills and strategies to get you that all important pass in your chosen English examination. Exams include IELTS, Cambridge EFL, ESOL, business qualifications etc.


Studying at a higher level to gain diplomas, or university undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a second language can be very demanding. We can teach you, and give you practice of the skills and strategies you need to prepare for future study, or to support you on the course you are following.


Whether it is proofreading your writing for academic purposes, essays for exam preparation, creative writing or business documents, you will have the confidence that your writing is ready for publishing.

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